2014 Entry Form & Fees


The entry fee is based on a publication’s circulation, monthly uniques and the number of entries from a single publication.

Group A English-language newspapers that circulate widely in three or more countries, English-language magazines with circulation greater than 50,000, English-language wire services and English-language websites with more than 5 million monthly uniques.
Group B English-language newspapers that circulate primarily in one or two countries, English-language magazines with circulation under 50,000 and English-language websites with 5 million monthly uniques or below. Independent online publications in English.
Group C Chinese-language publications, including Chinese-language websites and wire services. Independent online publications in Chinese.


Cost per entry Group A Group B Group C
Non-members HK$1,250 HK$800 HK$800
SOPA members* HK$1,062 HK$680 HK$680

* SOPA members enjoy a 15% discount on all entry fees.

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Entries will only be accepted online and payments will only be accepted via PayPal accounts or credit card.

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Please read the rules and FAQ before submitting payment.  No refunds will be made once entries have been submitted.